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Hexagon Arch with Ivory & Blush Floral - DIY Backdrop


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Backdrop size : 10'Wide x 8' High

This backdrop comes in parts that need to be assembled. Please refer to our setup instructions for help.

Parts Include:


2 - 18”x18” Base Plates 

2 – Adjustable Uprights 7’-12’

1 -  Adjustable Crossbar 6’-10’

5 - Black Crush Satin Drapes (Available in different colours) 

1 - Gold Hexagon Arch

3 - 2' Ivory & Blush Flower Arrangements


1 - "Bride to be" Sign

1 - Hexagon Plinth Large 

1 - Hexagon Plinth Medium 

1 - Hexagon Plinth Small 

2 - Ivory & Blush flower arrangements

1 - Cake stand 

1 - Blush & Gold chase

Also available in colours. Please contact us for details.

Notes :

The price is for the backdrop and the accessories as mentioned above.

The rate mentioned is for a one-day rental only. That includes picking up the day before and dropping off the day after the event. The rental price does not include delivery and pick-up. Item is subject to availability.

For delivery, setup and pick up services please refer to our Delivery and Setup Services section.

* Prices are subject to change without notice.