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Cylinder Trio Candle Holder Centrepiece


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Cylinder trio with flower stem submerged in water and a floating candle creates a perfect ambience for your guests. It is very elegant and one of the most loved centrepieces. Customize your centerpiece with different stem colors available. This trio is available in 2 sizes. Small and Tall.

Parts include:

Small Cylinder Trio (12"/9"/6")  and Tall Cylinder Trio (20"/16"/9")

1- Round/Square Mirror

1- 12" or 20" Cylinder

1- 9" or 16" Cylinder

1- 6" or 9" Cylinder

3- 2" Wax Floating Candles

Green Gems

Floral Stems in Ivory/Blush/Red/Purple/Blue colours

Notes :

The rate mentioned is for one-day rental only. That includes pick up the day before and drop off the day after the event. The rental price does not include delivery and pick up. Item is subject to availability.

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