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Bud Vase Trio Candle Holder

$19.50 $23.50

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Three different size bud vases with water and a floating candle placed on a round or square mirror. Enhance the beauty by adding florals in your theme colors and votives at the base of this centrepiece. Use it on guest tables, sign-in table, gift table or on the head table. 

You will love the simplicity and elegance of this centrepiece.

Parts Include:

1 - 12" Round 

1- 15.5" Bud Vase 

1 - 14.5" Bud Vase

1 - 12" Bud Vase

3 - 2" Floating Wax Candle

*Florals and votives shown in the picture not included in the price. Florals and votives are sold separately.

Notes :

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